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If you would like them to give
to you,
Upload it in woowlist!

Making easy the most beautiful thing in life: to gift

Let them know your wishes

And you, which are your wishes? Already know what are your birthday wishes? And for Christmas?

Let them know your wishes with woowlist.

Organize, store and share

Create as many wishlist as you need. Organize it as you prefere, name it as you want. Make it public or private. You choose.

With woowlist, you can share your wishlist, every one will be able to consult without any registration. It’s easy, no adds, no brands behind us.

Missed wishes

Did you see something and don’t know where to get it? Add it in your woowlist and select the option missed wishes. The comunity will look to help you were to find it, were to buy it, discounts…

Need inspiration?

it’s this time not so easy? Well we know…, as always very bussy to think about it... what to gift this time? Need help? Take some ideas from our users. With woowlist, it’s much easier to know what to gift. Now it’s a good moment to join us and create your profile at woowlist, it’s easy, it’s free.

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